Obligatory Shout-Out

During the golden years of anime in Canada, I vividly remember watching the premier of Inu-Yasha on YTV’s Bionix block. It wasn’t my first exposure to the medium, but it was the first show I’ve seen that retained the Japanese openings and endings, so I was hooked from literally the first few seconds when “I want to change the world” was sung. Months later, my interest in Inu-Yasha drew me to the first chat room that I felt welcomed in: KagomeChan’s chat room.

KagomeChan was the host, and she was always very friendly. Among the others, the FullmetalAlchemist and Trigun stood out as the cool guys. There was also a person with a username that I forgot, though he role played full demon Inuyasha – he typed in caps, every other word he typed was a swear, and he seemed like an angry person in general.  Watching him go on his emotional rampages was amusing to say the least.  I became a regular visitor of the chat room, borrowing the username Fullmetal Alchemist and taking part in their random discussions and role-playing. They knew I was new, and I got the impression that many of them knew each other in real life, so how welcoming they were was a bit of a surprise, especially because I was a bit of a prick back then. The chat room dissolved not too long after I joined, since the host and others became busy with their personal lives.

I’ve changed over the years, and I will continue to work towards being my ideal self, but one thing that won’t ever change is that the awesome people and the welcoming atmosphere of that char room will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Now, on the super slim chance that any other former members find this post, I will leave this as a final note: thank you all for making KagomeChan’s anime chat room an amazing place. I hope you are all doing well, and I wish you all the very best.

– The Fullmetal Alchemist

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